Trade Star Exports : About Us

Trade Star Exports is a business owned by a person who was born in traditional & heritage city “Jaipur”, which is also capital city of Rajasthan. India, He further moved on to United Kingdom for Higher Studies and returned to India after intensive training of Entrepreneurship & fair international trade policy & Practices. His love with his homeland brought him back to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a beautiful land of Desert, Fort, Palaces and villages, extremely rich in heritage and culture. Many monuments in Rajasthan are among the world heritage site today. Rajasthan Also has about 70% population living in Villages and rural areas with very limited awareness about modern technology and developments.

We promote these women and craftsman living in rural areas who has inherited many century old art & Crafts techniques from their ancestors and are still keeping them alive. We at Trade Star Exports bring the extreme interior crafts of these villages to the entire world.

We individually handpick & personally select every single product from artisans in rural villages of Rajasthan thus offering the most creative & selected collection of artwork to our clients.

We aim to impress you with our selection and also to keep happy, the original creator of our business the true artisans/people from rural India.

Our motto is to provide you with the most Original and authentic product from deep villages of India..!!


Trade Star Exports is a business with a vision, a vision to bring the hidden treasures of Indian Handicraft to the World. Most of these products are made in rural villages of India by Artisans who have been learning these artistic works as family heritage. An art a grandfather passes to his generations and is been carried on since many decades. It includes Hand arts such as: Kantha Work, Applique Work, Hand Embroidery, Hand Block Printing, Vintage Textile Matrials etc.

Other than Handmade products we are also into Production of Modern & Machine made home textile products Such as Printed Bedspreads, Quilted Bedspreads, Quilts, Printed Cushion & Pillow Covers etc

Trade Star Exports is well known and reputed for Manufacturing and Exporting high Quality products, At Trade Star Exports, we design and fabricate art wares having aesthetic sense mixed with beauty and useful effects.

Our Infrastructure:

We are linked to deepest villages of Rajasthan with our sales office in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With Highly skilled and selected artisans working with us we are absolutely confident about the quality of our products, we have a special team responsible for quality control & on time production. This team has been spending several days with artisans in the villages to make sure that the quality is Intact & superior at all times.

We have developed very good production capacity and always make sure that the delivery is on or before time as specified.

Commitment :

We have a team of highly committed people and we don’t consider this as our work but being associated to artisans and villages of Rajasthan has become a part of our life. This is our Love and we have been lucky to be involved with this business that we enjoy working on.

Our Commitment is an assurance that we will always deliver beyond your expectation..!!

As Mentioned earlier “We aim to impress you with our selection and also to keep happy, the original creator of our business the true artisans/people from rural India.”

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