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Kantha Work : Rural Art of Living

The art of Kantha is a beautiful form of embroidery, originated in India, hundreds of years ago. The word Kantha in Sanskrit means rags, whereas to Bengalis it refers to embroidered quilt. Kantha belongs particularly to West Bengal. The Origin of Kantha A legend tells the story that the Kantha owes its origin to Lord Buddha and his disciples. It is told that they used to cover themselves with rags that had been thrown away and patched and stitched them together. It is estimated that Kantha origins are some 500 years old and traditionally narrates a story and portrays the emotions and the life of the artist. Kantha originated from the way in which Bengali housewives mended old clothes by taking out a strand of thread from the colorful border of their saris and making simple designs with them. It was essentially practiced by women for making gifts for family and friends.

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