Kantha is a hand art work which is done by the rural women. Kantha work is the oldest form of embroidery and mostly it is done in the South Asia and especially in the Indian state. In Village or we can say that in the rural area women, they mostly use the old sari or dhoti and stitched it together to make a light weight blanket, quilt or throw. They make these quilt or bed spread especially for the children. The Bedspread or the quilts they make are reversible or we can use it from the both sides. This art of needlework is used to reuse the old clothes and materials and turn them into something new or we can say that eye-catching or attractive.

Kantha embroidery is a type of art which is done by the rural women it shows the talent and skill of the rural women. It is also the source of income for the women in the rural area. Kantha is a hand running tiny stitch and this embroidery is done all over the entire cloth with the help of needle. The most important of this work are the stitches of Kantha Embroidery, not only to hold together the different layer of clothes but they had to be good enough to make them eye-catching. Kantha stitching is a seasonal occupation during the rainy season. Because during rainy season women cannot visit their neighbor to exchange the gossip so they stay at home and do the Kantha work design. This is the art which is passed from one generation to another generation. Kantha embroidery is also done on Cushion cover, bedspread, quilt and many more.

Kantha is also merging with other handwork or art like Patchwork, Vintage, Tie Dye and many more. We have also Ikat Kantha, Floral Kantha, Vintage Kantha and many more.

Patchwork Kantha Quilt:
In Patchwork Kantha quilt two fusion of two hand art work one is Kantha and another is patchwork. The patchwork is done majorly done by the rural women in this they will patch the piece of the fabric to give different and attractive look to the quilt.

Vintage Kantha Quilt:
In vintage Kantha quilt the women will make the quilt with the old sari or the fabric. In vintage Kantha quilt it is also making with the fusion of patchwork.

Tie dye Kantha Quilt:

Shibori is also known as tie dye. It is a technique of folding and binding natural fabric and then immersing the fabric in indigo dye. After it is dyed in Indigo, all the stitches are removed and the pattern is revealed. It is a repeat pattern but contains random markings making it truly one-of-a-kind. On Shibori fabric artisans do the Kantha to make the quilt.

Sari Kantha Quilt:

In sari Kantha quilt the rural women cut the pieces from the sari and patch it and make the quilt. It look attractive and eye catching with the patches which is pasted on the fabric.