Shibori is one of the oldest dyeing processes which firstly invented in Japan and a period of time it spread all over the world people know Shibori as tie dye, bandhani. Shibori or Tie dye is the hand manual dye process which gives different pattern on the fabric. By folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling the fabric or binding with string or rubber bands and after that they dip the fabric in color and dry them after that they open the fold or twisted part and it gives a design on the fabric. Each method is used to achieve a new result. Tie dye technique depends only on the desired pattern which is done by the artisans.

For dying the product we use natural color like vegetable, flowers and many more. With tie dye fabric we make cushion cover, duvet cover, bedspread, tapestry, rugs, quilts, fabrics. It is source of income for the rural people and it shows the creativity and effort of the artisans which they give to make a design which comes in their mind they give it to the fabric by dying it.