The name Suzani is derived from the Farsi that means “needle”. Suzani is ancient embroidery work which is done by with the help of needle. It is the old traditional art work. The base for this work is cotton or silk fabric base and the embroidery done on this fabric with the cotton thread or the silk thread. For the embroidery of the In suzani art mostly stitches are used is chain, satin and buttonhole stitches are used. Suzani were mostly made by the bride of the central Asia as the part of their dowry and it is represented to the groom on the day of wedding.

Suzani embroidery is a type of art which is done by the rural or urban women it shows the talent and skill of the women. It is also the source of income for the women. Suzani have been used for bedspread wall hanging, cushion cover, furniture throw, pillows, table covering. Suzani are used for the décor like home décor, work place and many more. The embroidery is done on the cloth is machine hand embroidery with the help of machine the artisan will give the design or shape and size on the cloth and the design they made will look attractive and eye-catching.

The product made with Suzani work is cushion cover, bedspread or bedding set. The suzani embroidery threads which are used are silk thread or woolen thread. Some of the stitching is smooth, fine, regular and flat. Two traditional methods of stitching are used: primarily basma stitch, sometimes called Bukhara couching.  An unbelievable amount of time and care goes into the making of each piece